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Our Services

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Below is a list of our most common services and pricing. Please note our service list goes far beyond this and we encourage you to call for specific needs and pricing.

Let us help with ...

Call for any questions or to inquire about specific pricing for certain services, garments, fabrics, or items you may be concerned about. We are happy to assist you! 

What Our Clients Say

Washing Whites

Jane, Chronister

For 20 years on an almost weekly basis, I have been utilizing Oxboro Cleaners. They do excellent work, are very knowledgeable of the various fabrics and how to clean them. They do the greater majority of cleaning in house and consequently you can talk to them about a concern and they are very caring about one’s items and they are all about getting to know you and build a relationship. They are very honest and will go the extra mile. I have recommended and would continue to recommend Oxboro.
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